22. November 2011

Working Couple

As some of you know already, I've been to Egypt and Jordan lately. Unfortunately not as a tourist : ( Instead of enjoying the African sun somewhere on the beach I was rushing around Cairo (oh my, what a city..) trying to put things together for quite a massive international conference I was attending there. Pure working stuff. That means what? Right, properly (= unnoticeably) polished nails. Here are two polishes which helped me with that: 

Left: Revlon Cotton Candy, sent by lovely Carolina
Right: Essence Welcome To Wonderland, LE Fairytale, bought from Dani's blogsale

Let's start from the first one, cuz this pretty pink thing is actually very controversial...Revlon Cotton Candy. It was on my nails twice (!) already, but I still don't understand if I like it or not. Neither nor.

Why I do? Because it's a gorgeous pink shade with subtle golden shimmer, it's a nice office-friendly colour which is not so boring by itself and it's scented - the only scented polish I have.
And why not? Because to get this nice colour you need at least 3 slowly drying coats and a lot of patience, and then a thick coat of TC to even everything out. But when your mani is ready you can enjoy the nice smell for some days : )
Second polish is a ivory light beige foil - Essence Welcome To Wonderland. It's also a 3 coater (2 is enough if you are ok with VNL), but the formula is much easier to handle and the layers dry fast. Pretty one and very boss-nerves-friendly : )

As I said, no pyramids for me.. Only from the window:

Soo hard to imagine that I was walking at Tahrir Square two weeks ago.. If by any chance I have Egyptian readers - you have all my support and compassion! Your country deserves a better future!


  1. So pretty! Love the Revlon nail polish <3

  2. I love the second one!
    And its really unfair that you have only bussines stuff...no free time?

  3. I like both colors on you Alina.
    The last picture is so beautiful.

  4. Great nail polishes and your nails looks amazing as always :) Indeed Egypt deserves a better future. Oh... when you finish your studies can you get me a job? -_-

  5. Wow... love the pink polish!! ♥

    Too bad you didn't had the chance to do some sightseeing! :(

  6. I love your hands and nails, they look so feminine and delicate...
    Sehr shön !
    Xx. S

  7. I love the pink one!
    And your nails are beyond perfect!

  8. Розовый действительно очень нейтральный, а вот золотой странно, что ужился с начальником :) Не такой уж он и скромный. :) По крайней мере, на фото.

  9. @With love, Ana.: thanks! I love the colour, despite the application..

    @Anna.: thank you, I found them both nice! Well, no, but I've been to Egypt before as a tourist, so I have seen most of the things!

    @Carolina: thank you! Egypt has many faces, and from one of the sides, it's really beautiful!

    @Akuma Kanji: thanks! Ahhaha, I'm actually done with studying since some months, and I'd love to get you a job (we studied very similar stuff), but unfortunately I'm just an intern still :)

    @KimsKie's Nails: thanks! It's okay, I've actually visited all the Egypt sightseeing things a couple of yrs ago..

    @S.: danke schön, hehe :) Very pleasant to read!

    @Stickers: aww thanks!!

    @Miss Jones: ну он не пялился на мои ногти как обычно, значит, нормально лак пошел :) А вообще в реальной жизни этот лак просто скромно поблескивает на ногтях, просто наверно на макрофотках более броский..