6. Dezember 2011

Pixie Dust

Totally not sure if I chose the right time to wear this polish, I rather envisage it on my nails during a rainy spring day.. but I just couldn't look at this untried beauty anymore: Orly Pixie Dust.

I even added some snowy topping:

The polish by itself is just wonderful: dusty light grey packed with silver shimmer with a nice texture (2 coats on all pictures). But all 3 days that I was wearing it I was hanging around at Christmas market with my friends guzzling down Glühwein and having fun. I mean, grey polish and an atmosphere like this:

Next time I'll be more careful with matching events/mood/surrounding and a polish *went to find CG Ruby Pumps*. I'll certainly give Pixie Dust another chance in spring though : )


  1. I love it with the topping! So appropriate for these winter days

  2. Супер! С заснеженными кончиками просто сказка!
    А мне он на фоне рук голубой и все тут )))

  3. I'm in love with those murky and smokey shades and with a little sparkle it looks like a snowflake

  4. Your nails are pure perfection. <3 Now I want this polish, it looks fantastic.

  5. Мне понравились оба варианта, очень новогоднее настроение, особенно у второго, "заснеженного" :)

  6. @Stickers: thanks! I adore this sponging technique - it's so easy and charming :)

    @Antallex: спасибо :) посмотрела твои свотчи - и правда на тебе он голубее, парадокс прям) На моих ногтях серый, особенно с расстояния вытянутой руки.

    @MissDoll: oo me too! I liked this polish exactly for this dustiness and sparkles!

    @Polish AMOR: thank you!

    @Ulmiel: oo thank youu!! This polish is really nice, I do recommend you to have it :)

    @Miss Jones: спасибо! Как-то он мне после покраски показался весенним цветом) Пора доставать "реальные" новогодние лаки))

  7. I love the snowy tips you added! I can't wait to see some snow around here :)