21. Dezember 2011

Going Festive: Tru Passion

Enough with all these gloomy winter shades. From now on - Christmas is all around and such. Red, green, crazy glitters, festive colours! Right time to wear them all.
And I kick off with a cool lilac glitter Studio M Tru Passion, which I got from a swap with KarenD. You see it hiding behind the little OPI? : ) It's already the 2d time that I wear Tru Passion, unfortunately first time I didn't have a chance to shoot the swatches. So I'm showing it now.
Here's the bottle: 

And here it is on my nails:

What to say.. I'm in love with it! Thank you, Karen!!!
I know such colours suit me - I love them back too, and being a glitter it attracts me even more. Formula was ok, very dense glitter this is - 2 coats are enough. Tru passion, indeed : )


  1. You're right, this colour really suits you :) Lovely!

  2. Such a pretty glitter! Looks great on you :D

    P.S. I tagged you with The Nail Polish Tag on my blog if you are interested to participate :)

  3. Wow, so sparkly, I think I need glasses ;)

  4. @Elsa P.: thanks, I'm glad you like it! :)

    @moonchild: :D thank you!

    @TatiN: спасибо :)

    @Akuma Kanji, DashicaShirley: thank you, girls :)

    @Anutka: thanks a lot, and for tagging especially :) Me honoured! :)

    @MissDoll: hihi, thanks :)