9. Dezember 2011

Smart Girls Get More

Actually, it is true. Maybe I'll write a book about it some other time, but we're here to see polishes : ) So here it is, a hero of today's post: Smart Girls Get More # 56. Tiny pretty thing. In comparison with Orly polish barrel:

Aaa you see there's something blinging in the black bottle? Looks more interesting than just a black cream? Well, it definitely is: it's a black subtle scattered holo! Can you imagine? 


Attention: this is 1 (!) coat. I seriously don't know what not to love about this polish. I'm so grateful to Stickers whose giveaway I won and got this pretty thing : ) However, it's the first time that I see this brand ever, so if you wanna get it you better ask Stickers where. 
And some more captures of the holo effect: 

Ufff, I couldn't stop taking pictures of it!! By the way, it's the first black polish I wear in my life. EVER. But what a cool one! After such a notorious start I'll definitely keep trying the blacks I have : ) 


  1. С почином! )) Ногти просто не узнать, настолько он их изменил. Классный лак, такие красивые черные-пречерные голографики редкость, все время в серость уходят.

  2. W♥w! What a gorgeous polish! Usually you're wearing softer/sweeter colors, but nice to see a 'tougher' color on you. Suits you well! ;)

  3. Those are beautiful, you really should keep up with the blacks ;)

  4. Очень красивый лак и на тебе смотрится 100%-но. Похож на ИсаДорину Галактику. Тебе непременно надо чаще ходить в такие черных цветах, очень стильно!

  5. The first black polish you've ever worn? :O Well, you made a great choice for your first time XD

  6. Wow! Thanks for mentioning me in this great post! I couldn't get the holo effect as good as you did in the last photo!

  7. oh.. your nails are just perfect...
    really love it.

    following you.-)

  8. @Elize: thanks!

    @Antallex: спасибо)) Да, ты права, но у этого просто гологр. эффект не такой выраженный, поэтому и цвет сохраняется.

    @TatiN, Nicole, Jacqui: thank you girls!!!

    @KimsKie's Nails: thank you! You know my taste so well, I'm amazed! Still I have some dark ones to wear - and to show of course :)

    @Viktorija: it is indeed!

    @Akuma Kanji: thanks, I liked them too so now I will wear blacks more often :)

    @Miss Jones: спасибо :) Буду дальше с черными экспериментировать.. ИсаДорина Галактика более блескучая, этот же на расстоянии вытянутой руки превращается в просто черный.

    @Elsa P.: yes, first one, imagine? :) I couldn't but wear this beauty!

    @Stickers: I tried to catch it under the day light, but I couldn't.. so these are photos under the lamp.

    @LacquerVictims: yup :)

    @KimsKie's Nails: sorry, published them all after a while..

    @KarenD: thank you dear :)

    @Color Beam: welcome! Thanks for your sweet comments! :)

  9. All black polishes are cool. ;D

    I just wanted to say that I think you have the most beautiful nails I've ever seen. It's total nail envy all the way here.

  10. @Chaosophia: I'm only starting to reveal my passion for black polishes now! ^^
    Thank you so much for your words, it's very pleasant to read! :)

  11. Hello
    Smart Girls Get More is Polish brand. We sell our products in Poland, Croatia and Estonia.
    For more information visit our website on fb:


    1. Thanks, nice to know!
      Pity you don't sell them in Germany though :)