29. Dezember 2011

Going Festive: Lorelei's Tiara - Home Made

Once I was sitting and thinking how stupid I was not to order China Glaze Lorelei's Tiara on time and trying to get it now it doesn't make any sense. So I decided to make out something similar using the polishes I have - I have said many times that the need is the mother of invention : ) The imitation came out quite poor, but at least I tried : ) Here are my attempts:

The home made Tiara is comprised of four layers of China Glaze Tinsel and one layer of OPI Simmer&Shimmer (I showed it here already). As you can see, what came out looks ok, but not any close to original Tiara. That means what? That I will still have to get it! *sigh* 

*This is a planned post and while you are reading it I'm having fun with my friends in Belgrade. I will answer to all the comments as soon as I'm back! Greetings i pozdravi! : )


  1. I like it a lot!
    Looks very nice Alina.

  2. For me this is pretty close and the result is very nice
    I like it

  3. Ohmygosh, you made such a gorgeous polish. I've never tried mixing my own nail polish, I really must do it soon! I fell in love with your nails too, they're so pretty and loooooong! x

  4. @Carolina: thank you, I'm glad you like it :)

    @MissDoll: thanks a lot, that's somewhat close I'd say but still not there..

    @Summer: nono, I didn't mix it! I just layered one over another :) I don't usually mix my polishes because they are all near and dear to me as they are :) And come on, I just went to see your blog - your nails are of the same length (on some pics even longer) and very pretty!