27. Dezember 2011

Going Festive: Nude Glitter

Could you think of anything like that - nude glitter? I wouldn't, until I just got it as a surprise with one package : ) Let me show you Finger Paints Winter Wishes, the first polish of this brand that I'm posting (more to follow :). 

Okay, let's be realistic, it's rather champagne or beige than nude, but believe me, it looks super modest on the nails! I totally like the view it makes. Nothing to say about formula - pure perfection, 2 coats and fast drying.
And here are some of my attempts to layer something sparkly-shiny over it: 

From above: 
1- China Glaze Party Hearty
2 - Essence Make It Gold
3 - [b] Basic Sol Brillante

Well, that was it for today : ) Hope you are having nice holiday time!

*This is a planned post and while you are reading it I'm having fun with my friends in Belgrade. I will answer to all the comments as soon as I'm back! Greetings i pozdravi! : )


  1. Красавчик какой этот глиттер. :)
    И с Парти Харти здорово получилось. Начинаю жалеть, что не взяла его в свое время.

  2. This is so pretty my love!
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Very nice 'nude' shade but it looks better without glitters (just my humble opinion) ;)

  4. @Miss Jones: спасибо :) Я думала, тебя глиттеры в принципе не интересуют :) Парти Харти - моя большая любовь!

    @Carolina: thank you dear! :) Happy Holidays to you too!

    @Fingers: thank you!

    @MissDoll: thanks! Tastes differ :) I was just trying out different layering glitters :)

  5. I love this gold.. there is something so classy and feminine about a soft gold polish. Looks splendid on you!