18. September 2011

Swap №9: Purple Swap

It's been some time now that I've made another swap, and I cannot but show it! The pretty stuff you see below was sent to me by Karen D, I'm sure you all know her (especially for her great nail wheels and U.S. shop displays posts!!). It was a swap when I actually knew which polishes I'm going to receive (apart from some nice extras :), but before opening the box and putting them altogether I didn't realize it was a ... PURPLE SWAP! =) See yourself:

Left to right:
Confetti Purple Pizzazz
Finger Paints Heavenly Hydrangeas
Studio M Slammin' Red
Studio M Tru Passion
OPI Rosy Future (mini)
Studio M Purple Medallion
OPI Parlez-Vous OPI?
Claire's Mood Polish Calm/Wild

What I forgot to place on the picture is the ring!!! It came together with Finger Paints polish from this nice spring collection with rings, and Karen sent it to me as well... I'll show it next time.

Sooo many lemmings killed by this swap : ) As usual I had a problem where to begin with and which polish to try first. In the end I just could not confront the sparkly hologlitter, so the first one on my nails was Studio M Purple Medallion

This polish is definitely a musthave!!! I seriously don't understand why they are not so wide-spread, at least why I don't see the swatches often. But I did one serious mistake: I didn't cover it with a top coat. Once it's under a TC, it starts to sparkle and shine like crazy!

Thanks a lot, dear Karen!!! It was fun swapping with you and I'm really glad I got these polishes!!!


  1. love your swap ..

    do not forget to enter my giveaway contest :

  2. Great swap!!
    And this polish is a wonder!!

  3. Wow, great swap and gorgeous polish!

  4. Um, I wish I knew where to get studio m because that is insane! nice swap!

  5. wow, this polish is astonishing, i love it :-D

  6. Amazing swap! Claire's Mood = love! :)
    I should start swapping, but I hope there are many Kiko international fans around the world as italian girls have only this brand to offer. :(
    (maybe Deborah, Pupa and Layla too?)

  7. Какой отличный свап, поздравляю! :) Опять Парле ву захотелось..

  8. So nice to see them all with you safe and sound! Yeah, the Studio M glitters demand plenty of top coat, but they're worth it. :)

  9. @Jeeya (De Frozen): thanks! Unfortunately I cannot wear contact lenses :(

    @rock-or-not, @Elize, @Kleopatra, @hermetic: thank you ladies! I'm glad you like it! :)

    @thenailaholic: you can get Studio M in the US - that's all I know :( I have never seen them anywhere here in Europe..

    @nail crazy: thanks! I love this polish too :)

    @Cristina - PeeBeforePolish: of course you should, it's such fun!! I'd swap with you myself, but I'm currently in a non-buy-no-swap mode because I move too often, so I try to keep my collection compact somehow. But I'm sure there are plenty of other girls, who'd love to get Kiko, Deborah and Pupa!! Layla - I personally never heard of it ^^

    @Miss Jones: спасибо! Мне вот странно, что у тебя его еще нету :) Вроде и пыльные оттенки ты любишь, и к лиловым хорошо относишься..

    @Shally: it is!! I totally loved it!

    @With love, Ana.: =)

    @Akuma Kanji: haha, yes! You like it right? :) :)

    @Karen D: oh, definitely! Thank you once again, I wouldn't be playing around with these beauties and wearing this TC-hungry awesome glitter without your help :) :)