14. September 2011

Bad Story With A Good Polish

Each of us has a sad story to tell about online shopping, right? Well, my turn!

Around a year ago at the very outset of my polish addiction I was browsing ebay in search of nice polishes. So I came across the auction with Dior Divinely Pink, thinking "wow, I can get a high-end polish for a low price! Why not??". And I did. I payed a couple of euros and got the pack with the polish. It all looked perfect, until some time has passed and I actually noticed that the polish described as "new" or "used x1" - don't remember exactly, but I only buy polishes with this description - has settled down in the bottle and turned out to be almost finished!! Just look and compare: 

These 2 pictures show how the bottle looks like when well shaken and when not. I didn't use the polish inbetween, honestly.
The "lovely girl" who sold this polish as new can have the whole scope of negative vibrations from my side. To put it very diplomatically, khem.

Meanwhile the polish itself is pretty nice: calm dark rose shade with golden shimmer. Being a huge fan of golden shimmer (I really think it makes any colour beautiful), I totally liked it, although the application was difficult - the polish got thick already...


And some stamping of course, because I'm not sure if I am able to use this polish again, cuz there's only a little left in the bottle...

Girls, did you have any bad experience with online shopping? I'd be glad if you share!
If you posted about it - feel free to drop links in the comments!


  1. Ничего себе, ну и история! А ты не писала этой девице потом? Что у нее с рейтингами на ибее?
    Цвет приятный, но треть флакона ...

    Я на ибее никогда ничего не покупала, но вот с одним британским магазином у меня был прокол. Заказала у них несколько средств для волос и один флакон лака Nails Inc. Посыль в дороге размокла, и лак выпал. Пока решали с возмещением ущерба, этот цвет уже был аут оф сток. К этому магазину у меня нет претензий по работе или товарам, не нравится только, как они все упаковывают - тяп-ляп.

    Больше никаких неприятных историй не припомню, вроде, всегда все окей было.

  2. I think I've never had such experience, because I usually prefer to buy new things. But the problem I had the most was the expected size and the real one... for example, when I bought my first Eyeko polish... bottles are really tiny!! I didn't expect such size... but they are ok, so... :)

  3. omg, that's really terrible. did you write back to her? I had no such experiences so far but I rarely shop online.

  4. @Miss Jones: это давно случилось, на заре моего лакоманьячества и знакомства с ибэем.. Я ей почти сразу позитивный фидбэк оставила, а через пару дней лак осел в бутылке и я поняла, что он далеко не новый, но было уже поздно( Да и ладно в принципе, я за него всё равно 4 евро что ли заплатила (с доставкой :)

    Как выпал, то есть тебе посылка с дыркой пришла?? :) Лукфантастик мне тоже раз свинью подложил, прислав один Баттер вместо двух. Две недели они игнорировали мои письма, потом я послала их к чертям и пожаловалась в пэйпал) В течение суток всё возместили, рефанд был даже больше, чем надо)

    @Honolulu: now that I'm experienced I also buy only new things.. Same story with the size: American Apparel bottles seemed so huge at the pictures, but when I got my first one, it was... normal. But I'm okay with that, they are still big comparing to the others :)

    @hermetic: no, when I realized what happened it was too late already.. :(

  5. Wow!!
    This is disgusting!!
    I would open a dispute!
    Too bad he's really nice!

  6. One time I bought polishes and they posted them to me in a plain paper envelope, rattling around inside with no bubblewrap or anything. D: Luckily nothing broke!

  7. Don't feel bad: I got a "NEW, UNUSED" peridot tester that has a bunch missing AND polish up in the handle!!


  8. i'm so sorry to hear this, the polish itself is really nice, and you made it even more prettier with the stamping :-D
    i always buy new stuff, so i never had situation like this :-)

  9. That is so outrageous! Did you report the seller?
    Luckly, I haven't experienced anything like that! And I shop almost exclusively online!

  10. Ugh, that sucks!
    But it's a cool polish and I love the Konad

  11. Mir ist zum Glück noch nichts der gleichen passiert, aber ich kaufe auch sehr selten auf ebay. Wenigstens ist der Lack schön :)

  12. Понятно, что он густой станет, раз почти двух третей флакона нет... Сочувствую тебе, это ужасно неприятно.
    А сам оттенок неплохой, женственный такой..

  13. I often buy online, 'cause US salon brands are crazy expensive here in Italy. I have had two bad experiences, with the same etailer (which is very famous!!!). The first time I bought (and paid) for OPI Russian Navy in Suede... And they sent me the "normal" version, which was 2$ cheaper. Ok...
    Last november I placed an order on the same site, they "forgot" to ship my package and didn't replied to my emails for one month, then they said they sent the package but no tracking code was available. I paid 32$ for a fast and trackable shipping (Express Mail International) and I have never received my package. :(

  14. Oh no! That's more than just one use, that's terrible. The polish is gorgeous on you, I love the shade - but what a disappointment. :(
    I think many of us have had bad experiences. I just had one with a US etailer who states their shipping times on their website and definitely don't live up to the claim, and then never contacted me to explain why the late shipment. When I finally did get my polish there was food on my handles! :( Thoroughly disgusted. I haven't written a review yet though.

  15. This is just horrible!!! The 'lovely' girl was selling this one as new??? That b****h!!! Well at least the color is really nice...

  16. Color of polish is really nice and stamping is amazing :)

  17. @rock-or-not: yes, I know, I should have claimed her but it was too late, I have already given a positive rating :(

    @Gen: omg, I just wonder who could even think of doing so!! I'm amazed they didn't break though..

    @Paillette: OMG!! Such ppl that sell used things as new should just..khm.. disappear from this world!!

    @nail crazy: thank you :) Well now that I'm experienced enough I also buy only new stuff.

    @Soraya: you are very lucky then! Because apart from this case I had a lot of moments with slow shipping, spilled over polish, items missing etc. :( No, I didn't report her, it was too late.

    @Linnie: thanks :) I liked the colour too!

    @Madita: ja, die Farbe ist echt schön :) Es war aber nicht der einzige traurige Fall - ich hatte auch Probleme mit langsamer Lieferung, gebrochenen Fläschchen etc. :(

    @Antallex: да, и главное, я заметила это дело уже по прошествии времени.. И самое обидное - я ей позитивный рейтинг оставила :( :(

    @Cristina - PeeBeforePolish: b...s.. I hate irresponsible sellers!! I think I'm guessing which one you are talking about. They once sent me a pack (after my 3 weeks e-mail attack on them asking where the fk is my box!!) with a polish spilt all over. Later (again after my persistent mails) the refunded me the price. Without shipping cost.

    @Nicole: Food on handles?? yuckkk!! I would just make photos of it and spread the word as much as I can!! People should know their "heroes" :) And late shipment happened to me as well, so often, that I actually am tired of complaining already :(

    @MissDoll: yeah. She obviously thought that unless a buyer doesn't see the fill line in the bottle she can make some good money. Well she didn't anyway heheh.

    @Lalica: thanks! I liked the colour a lot too, the golden shimmer especially!