3. September 2011

Old Weirdos R.I.P.

I wanted to do it for a long time already: to show you my polish stash before my nail maniacism began. The number of polishes I owned was actually always high: 2 years ago (i.e. 1 year before blogging) I had 42 beauties, 2/3 of which I had to throw away or give out because I was moving to another country. Now my stash is around 200 polishes. Uff. The bad thing is it's very tiring to carry them around, and as you know I change places of residence kinda often. So, here's the oldies, some of them nonames, of my collection:

1. Sally Hansen Cherry Charisma: my perfect red for some time in the past. Not too bright, not too dark. Love.
2. Yves Rocher Violine: deep violet, very intense and rich colour. Love.
3. Victoria Shu 16: purple shimmer with silver sparkles. Love.
4. Stefani 176: nothing-special-purple-shimmer.
5. Yves Rocher Luminelle Rose Etincelant: pale pink with silver shimmer. Quite a beautiful colour.
6. Franken Pink Ballerina: got it when I purchased some polishes from a blogger. Don't remember who it was.
7. Stefani 126: same as 176, but way more sheer.

8. Cary Mayson 25: was using it for french mani sometimes. Here as well, I think. My first post, haha.
9. Yves Rocher Mauve Léger: perfect lilac for some time. Love. 
10. Yves Rocher Luminelle Mauve Captivante: don't remember.
11. Yves Rocher Luminelle Ciel Bleu: don't remember. 
12. Lady Rose Latino 592: bought in delirium tremens (obviously). Never painted my nails with it, it's just toooo much for me. But perfect for pedicure!
13. BeYu 107: great colour, awful application. Finished.

And on the wheel, in the same order [sun]:

[under the lamp]

So now, why am I posting this? Firstly, to share my 'unconscious' (i.e. when you JUST pick up a colour in a shop) colour preferences, and secondly, who knows, maybe some very committed ppl are searching for the swatches of these weirdos. You never know.  
Why on the wheel? Because many of them are almost finished, so it was impossible to do a full mani.
Why R.I.P.? Because I threw them away. Ehh. 


  1. R.I.P nail polish! I would hate to throw nail polish.

  2. I think three is a keeper.

    I know how it is, though. Looks great in the bottle and suddenly you have a sheer layering top coat or a sparse glitter, or a crap-tastic formula.

  3. @Pinkbeauty_love: it's harder than I'd ever imagine, true.. But if you have to move and 200 other bottles to carry with you, one has to choose.. :(

    @Paillette: 3 is definitely a cool one.. I don't even know if this brand still exists. And yea, now I always tripple-check the swatches and reviews to avoid all these things you mentioned. Time makes ppl wiser :)

  4. I love this post! Sure, I will likely never see any of these in real life, but I love seeing the swatches and what your stash was like back when. How I wish I'd thought to document my collection when it fit in one Caboodles box. :)

  5. I don't like throwing away nail polishes! But sometimes I have to, especially the very old and bad quality ones.

  6. I know what you mean by unconsciously picking: I used to just come to drugstore and pick one color, and of course it was some pink, red or beige color (maybe that's why I feel blah about those colors today). Today, I'm picking for ten minutes between two practicly the same shades of mint or bright blue...
    Ah, those good old times when I had less than 10 polishes...
    I can't throw mine away. Just can't.

  7. @KarenD: thank you, I glad you liked it :) Unfortunately, it's only a part of my "back then" collection.. I also wish I could show them all!

    @NatalieDouka: I know what you mean, I would normally never throw away any bottle I have, but I have to move often, and keeping old empty bottles doesn't seem any reasonable in these conditions..

    @Stickers: well, even in the old good [for my wallet] times I had around 25 polishes, and finished up with 42. Then I had to move to another country, so I just took half of them. Throwing away polish is EXTREMELY hard, but I have to do this in 2 cases: the bottle finishes - completely, or I have to move again.