18. August 2011

Swap №8 / Skyscraper

So glad to tell you that I swapped again : ) It's been a while since the latest swap, and I really missed this feeling of unwrapping the bubbles..  and in this particular case unwrapping the bubbles and being surprised, because we only agreed on the number of polishes without specificifying the shades. This pleasure I had by swapping with lovely stamping queen Carolina, whom I'm sure you all know anyways for her perfect swatches. Now.. now I can't wait to boast what she sent me!! 

 Left to right:
Orly Opal Hope
Orly Ancient Jade 
China Glaze Something Sweet
China Glaze Skyscraper 
China Glaze Light As Air
Orly Pixie Dust 
Orly Porcelain 
Left to right:
Essie Smooth Sailing
Revlon Pink Ice 
Finger Paints Artist's Sapphire
Finger Paints Private Collection
Amour Blue Glitter 
Eyeko Vintage Polish 
Some lovely extras:
Nail Art Tatoos (hmm.. never tried anything similar)
Elf Nourishing Cuticle Pen with Avocado and Almond Oils
(tried this one, it's great! Not greasy, no smell, perfect for express moisturizing: before swatching, at work, in trips etc.)
Nuance Salma Hayek Firming Body Creme (very curious about this one)

¡MUCHÍSIMAS GRACIAS, CAROLINA! For getting me polishes I'd otherwise never have, for killing like half of my wish list and for just being the nicest person ever! : ) 
After jumping around these beauties for half an hour, a very dificult moment came when I had to decide which polish to try first. I changed my mind twice lol. And finally stopped on China Glaze Skyscraper:

Skyscraper is a dark dusty blue glitter polish, nice formula, 2 coater. Seriously, when I look at it, it reminds me the night view on a big city full of lights. Definitely goes to my top polish list, especially during winter time. Looks good on the sun too though:

And I just couldn't miss the chance to take this shot :) Please meet the one and the only skyscraper king of our city!

Thanks for watching!


  1. Great swap!
    Have fun with all this!
    Cute color!

  2. Very nice swap! The polish is really nice too. I especially love the last picture (because I have been living in that very city until last year :D )

  3. I really love Skyscraper, it must be mine! :)
    I'd love swapping, but I'm afraid that no one could be interested in italian polishes. :D

  4. De nada!!
    I'm so glad you liked everything!
    I tried to find the polishes from your WL that's why it took me a little bit longer.
    I love the Elf Nourishing Pen, I have one on my purse, one on my desk, another one next to my computer.
    Can't wait to see more swatches.

  5. I love skyscraper! and awesome swap!

  6. great swap, indeed :-D
    skyscraper looks awesome, hardly waiting for other swatches ;-D

  7. Great swap!!!
    I always thought skyscraper would be a winner! :P

  8. О, какие красивые обновки! Прими мои поздравления! :)

    Как на тебе Небоскреб красиво смотрится! Осенью вообще хит будет. Интересно, что он в 2 слоя так хорошо покрыл. Я пробовала на ромашке в 2 слоя накрасить, мне показалось, что светловато получается, а на твоих фото совсем не светлым выглядит.

  9. @rock-or-not: thank you! :) Oh I will definitely have a looot of fun with these beauties :)

    @Kayono: ach soooo :) I guess only those who have been to this city can recognize it by the last picture.. well I'm glad I found someone from the same area, although I'm here only since mid-July :)

    @Cristina - PeeBeforePolish: oh, I think Skyscraper should be in every polish collection, it's definitely a winner :) About swapping - it's not true, you have Kiko and Deborah Milano (and I'm sure many other great brands), and I saw many bloggers wanting to get those..

    @Carolina: of course, these beauties are impossible not to love (and not to swatch)! You really shortened my WL, thank you for that!! And Elf pen now found its permanent place near my computer, I love using it :)

    @Jacki: thank you! Now that I've tried it, I love Skyscraper too! :)

    @nail crazy: thanks!! I'll do my best to swatch all these lovely polishes! :)

    @Akuma Kanji: thanks!! Yeah, I also noticed it out of the whole collection :)

    @Shirley: thanks, it is indeed :)

    @Miss Jones: спасибо, я многое из них месяцами хотела заполучить :) Ведь правда темнее он на мне смотрится.. Так у тебя ромашки прозрачные наверное, а Небоскреб я на ридж-филлинг базу красила, она чуть молочная, за счет этого и насыщенный оттенок вышел.