28. August 2011

Office Office

Sorry to bore you with the office theme again, but after showing a polish called Office which is (in my opinion) a totally unsuitable name regarding its colour, today I'm posting about real office-friendly polish. 
Now that's the king (or queen) of aaaall office polishes ever known: Orly Super Natural. Just look: light pink, frosty, almost invisible on nails. All that together with great quality (2 coats, fast drying, long lasting). Only one big dislike: brush strokes!! Beh, hate them.

Still too boring colour for me. Looks much better with some noname (Florence 01) pretty topper-layer:

*camera freaking out with red/green balance*

Super Natural was bought in pre-blogging period or at a very early already blogging stage. Mainly because of the price of 3 Euros on ebay : ) My thoughts then: "Orly = great quality. Colour doesn't really matter."
By the way, my next post will be about polishes which I was wearing long before my nail mania broke out. So be ready to see some weird brands and colours!


  1. На твоих ногтях все отлично смотрится. :) Очень понравился вариант с топом, чудесно просто. Без топа скучновато как-то. Хотя для офиса - самое то.

  2. lovely combination! :) I'm new follower :)

  3. Love it!!! I agree, its nicer with the top coat lol

  4. Indeed, much better with the topper, actually, much interesting :) It is a nail polish that goes unnoticed on nails but then again a nail polish has to be that to be "office friendly" XD I have no Orly nail polishes but my thoughts are pretty much like yours at that time. I don't have one so anyone will be great! ;) Show us strange brands! I usually love them :)

  5. Super natural = super boring! Much better with layering :-)
    I'm eager to see the weird (really?) next polishes!

  6. These colours are actually nice when I need a break from crazy colours! With the topper it's even prettier!

  7. It looks nice color but with some sparkle it is much better but still calm and office appropriate

  8. @♥ Claire ♥ // Shatter me Claire: thank you!

    @Miss Jones: спасибо, но это я вам просто не всё оказываю :) Надо какой-нить ужас запостить для разнообразия)) А вообще лак суперскучный. Отдать маме что ли..

    @misaya: thanks! And welcome to my blog :)

    @Jacki: thanks! Yup, otherwise it's superboring!!

    @Akuma Kanji: totally agree.. Now I actually started to wear much more colours to my office, so I'll try not to bore you (=my readers) that much anymore :)

    @maisenzasmalto: absolutely :) Without a topper it's just awfully plain!

    @NatalieDouka: thanks :) When I need a colour break I use beiges, works good too!

    @MissDoll: thanks! I think golden shimmer can make any polish better, especially such a plain one!

  9. nice one:-)
    and og your nails are so perfect, i wish i had such too:(

  10. This nail polish duo is my favourite....looks classy and femine....and ofcourse nails..perfect:)