2. August 2011

Cloudy Blue

As promised, showing you KIKO 339 Fiordaliso, the "cloudy blue", as one of my readers, Kim, has described it. Nothing to add here: gorgeous airy sky-blue creme with periwinkle undertone with a glossy finish (no top coat on the photos!). Application was easy: 2 coats over my favourite Nail Tek Foundation (this time III, not II). The brush was a tiny bit too wide for me, but no big complaints here either. 

And some attempts to recreate the cloth's pattern by sponging:


  1. It looks great!
    You have beautiful nails :)

  2. :D How nice of you to mention me! I think its a gorgeous manicure. It suits you so fine! And I like the 2nd manicure too! Good job!

  3. I simply LOVE your nails...



  4. Небесный и свежий голубой. Красотень!

  5. omg! your nails are so beautiful!! *v*)

    I love this pretty light blue (so glossy!!) and the sponging is pretty, too!

  6. @Rodzynka1989: thank you!

    @KimsKie's Nails: of course, why not! And thank you, I'm glad that you liked it :)

    @Gigi: thaaanks :)

    @Miss Jones: ага :) Оч красивый цвет, давно хотела такой!

    @Nailderella: thank you so much!!