7. Januar 2012

Christmas v.2.0

Holiday time is not over yet, at least for me. Christmas and New Year's Eve have passed, so it's time for.. another Christmas : ) Because I'm surrounded by pretty international environment all the time (both here and in my real life), for the last years I'm celebrating Christmas twice per year. Today is the Orthodox one. So, 

to all of my followers who celebrate it today : ) С Рождеством, Срећан Божић, Среќен Божиќ, Vesel Božič or however you say it in your country! Wishing you all the best!

And now to the manicure. I have to confess you that I cannot stop polishing everything around me with China Glaze Party Hearty. By everything I mostly mean the nail wheels, my nails and even some post cards. If I had a cat I'd paint it as well - kidding, I'm very animal friendly. The last thing I painted China Glaze Party Hearty with was Zoya Trixie

By itself Zoya Trixie is a pretty thing too, it's a nice blingy silver foil. Not with the best formula ever though: a bit runny and dries not that fast. And sorry for my messed up nail shape - I was travelling for 2 weeks before, so all those bag zips and door handles weren't a good thing for my nails. 

I also cannot decide which base colour for Party Hearty I like most: silver, gold, green or white; they all just look gorgeous! What do you say? 


  1. Both version 1.0 and 2.0 are great!
    I like the glitter look you have happening :)

  2. С ЧГ веселенько получилось :) В самый раз на зимние праздники.

  3. Love it! Can't go wrong with Party Hearty on Christmas time! :P Some can be fails but never wrong! :D

  4. @Anutka: thanks :) Party Hearty makes any colour look festive!

    @Miss Jones: спасибо! праздники уже прошли, а меня все еще на сумасшедшие глиттеры тянет :)

    @Akuma Kanji: thanks! So true!! Party Hearty is a Christmas masterpiece.

  5. This glitter polish is on my wish list. I have seen it over green and gold but never over silver! If I wanted this polish before, after seeing your pairing, I am CRAVING it!!!

  6. Здорово! Необычное исполнение, на серебре я его еще не видела

  7. @Marta: I'm glad you liked it, and for me this one is a real must-have! It's pure Christmas in the bottle :)

    @Antallex: спасибо, вот уж не думала, что тебе понравится)) На серебре - один из моих любимых вариантов!