30. August 2011

Giveaway Winner

It took me long, I'm awfully sorry. But straight to the point now, the winner iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis.....


I sent you an e-mail with all the details already.

Thanks to all 159 of you for participating! I loved browsing your blogs and reading the answers. If I could afford it, I would do giveaways much more often, cuz it's such fun!! By the way, another one is coming up soon, very soon ; )

If you remember, I asked you to tell me which is your favourite polish ever. For many of you it was difficult, (one of my readers, Biberlee, said that "it's like asking a mother which child does she like the most"), and I totally agree! We all have a lot of favourites! But still. Here something to have a look at. The winners among YOUR favourite polishes : )

(number in brackets) - number of people who chose this polish

28. August 2011

Office Office

Sorry to bore you with the office theme again, but after showing a polish called Office which is (in my opinion) a totally unsuitable name regarding its colour, today I'm posting about real office-friendly polish. 
Now that's the king (or queen) of aaaall office polishes ever known: Orly Super Natural. Just look: light pink, frosty, almost invisible on nails. All that together with great quality (2 coats, fast drying, long lasting). Only one big dislike: brush strokes!! Beh, hate them.

Still too boring colour for me. Looks much better with some noname (Florence 01) pretty topper-layer:

*camera freaking out with red/green balance*

Super Natural was bought in pre-blogging period or at a very early already blogging stage. Mainly because of the price of 3 Euros on ebay : ) My thoughts then: "Orly = great quality. Colour doesn't really matter."
By the way, my next post will be about polishes which I was wearing long before my nail mania broke out. So be ready to see some weird brands and colours!

23. August 2011

Lilac Treasure

One day absolutely randomly I combined two polishes on a nail wheel, and I was amazed by the result. Some time later I could help repeating it as a full manicure. Please meet Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure over Butter London Muggins

The base colour swatches you can see below. After Victoriana, Muggins is the 2d Butter London I'm trying, and I'm reeeeally satisfied with everything: colour so airy, texture so easy to apply, finish so glossy (no TC!), quality so perfect, price so *khmkhm*. But it's worth it. And I got it with a discount ;-P

Of course, in real life it looks way more charming. So I advise to all the ladies: if you have a nice lilac polish and flakies - combine them together, it's worth it : )

20. August 2011

Not So Office

I'm tired to write how much I love American Apparel polishes. All of them, or at least all of those I have. However, the one I'm showing today - American Apparel Office - is the least beloved one, we had to struggle with each other before I managed to tame its tricky texture and it managed to finaly cover my nails and self-even on them. I won.

I'd never say this colour is perfectly suitable for office. For office full of designers or painters maybe. Buuut I still wore it to work... seems that my boss didn't really understand the cool idea of pale green on someone's nails hehe. 

As I said, the formula was unexpectedly tricky for AA - I needed 3 coats and a top coat, otherwise it would be all bumpy and yuck. The colour is nice though - cold toned pale green. Below - some stamping with CG Custom Kicks. 

What do you think about not so office Office? : )

18. August 2011

Swap №8 / Skyscraper

So glad to tell you that I swapped again : ) It's been a while since the latest swap, and I really missed this feeling of unwrapping the bubbles..  and in this particular case unwrapping the bubbles and being surprised, because we only agreed on the number of polishes without specificifying the shades. This pleasure I had by swapping with lovely stamping queen Carolina, whom I'm sure you all know anyways for her perfect swatches. Now.. now I can't wait to boast what she sent me!! 

 Left to right:
Orly Opal Hope
Orly Ancient Jade 
China Glaze Something Sweet
China Glaze Skyscraper 
China Glaze Light As Air
Orly Pixie Dust 
Orly Porcelain 
Left to right:
Essie Smooth Sailing
Revlon Pink Ice 
Finger Paints Artist's Sapphire
Finger Paints Private Collection
Amour Blue Glitter 
Eyeko Vintage Polish 
Some lovely extras:
Nail Art Tatoos (hmm.. never tried anything similar)
Elf Nourishing Cuticle Pen with Avocado and Almond Oils
(tried this one, it's great! Not greasy, no smell, perfect for express moisturizing: before swatching, at work, in trips etc.)
Nuance Salma Hayek Firming Body Creme (very curious about this one)

¡MUCHÍSIMAS GRACIAS, CAROLINA! For getting me polishes I'd otherwise never have, for killing like half of my wish list and for just being the nicest person ever! : ) 
After jumping around these beauties for half an hour, a very dificult moment came when I had to decide which polish to try first. I changed my mind twice lol. And finally stopped on China Glaze Skyscraper:

Skyscraper is a dark dusty blue glitter polish, nice formula, 2 coater. Seriously, when I look at it, it reminds me the night view on a big city full of lights. Definitely goes to my top polish list, especially during winter time. Looks good on the sun too though:

And I just couldn't miss the chance to take this shot :) Please meet the one and the only skyscraper king of our city!

Thanks for watching!

16. August 2011

2+2+2 Giveaway is now CLOSED!

Extraquick post to announce that the 2+2+2 giveaway is now closed. I won't count any entries more. I'll draw the winner with random.org during the next days. Thank you all for entering and I wish good luck to each of you, ladies : )


And also an extraquick ooooold swatch of a polish with a very inspiring name: Essie Eternal Optimist. Just in case some of my readers prefer long nails to the short ones : ) To be honest, it's very weird to look at the pics where my nails have this seemingly immense length, I think I prefer their current state... Anyways, to the polish:

Pinkish nude creme, a bit tricky application (3 coats), but a pleasant colour. As far as I remember it needs a TC, otherwise it will get all scrathed and dimpled (there's no TC on the photos though). I'm not all amazed by this polish, but I'd like to keep it in my collection. Nice nudes are always useful after all. 

15. August 2011

Pink Delight!

- this is how this polish should be called! So juicy, fruity, vivid, glossy, you_name_it - I didn't even expect I'll like it so much. Nevertheless, originally it's just KIKO 288, or Rosa Fenicottero, if to check the KIKO website. Great application in 2 coats, fast drying and the colour...mmm I'm just in love with it!

And some "not the best in my life" stamping:

11. August 2011

Caitlin in Frankfurt

Or her on me in Frankfurt. You got the point anyway: I went to Frnakfurt wearing Zoya Caitlin - as simple as that. Swatches were made during the trip, so they are a little random, sorry.

What can I say... For the whole summer I was complaining how bad was the weather in Germany, and it still is, and that made me switch to autumn colours. In case of Caitlin, great autumn colours. The application was flawless, it's a 1 coater (2 on the photos because I needed it to last longer). Very recommendable polish.

So, Caitlin:

And Frankfurt: