31. Mai 2011

What a weird name...

... is "Peppermint Fusion" for a blue shimmery polish!! Where is Peppermint and what kind of Fusion did they find here?? Even a banality like "Blue My Mind" would match it better. However, the polish itself is awesome which I was positively surprised with. It is my first H&M polish, sent to me with 2 others in a swap by Akuma Kanji. Look what a pretty thing it is:

And, while my nails are still short, I couldn't avoid doing some stamping :)

What do you think about H&M production? They do release interesting polishes from time to time, right?

30. Mai 2011

200! Followers + Blogs Suggestion

My dearest readers!

I was soo glad to see the number "200" at my GFC counter. That is a lot and that means a lot for me as well.
I want to thank every of you for reading my blog, for your help in its development, for your comments and participation. During all these days of blogging you have been giving me support and inspiration, will to keep on and a lot of joy! Thanks a million!

When we will reach 222 (I just like this number :), I will prepare a little surprise for all of you :) I just need some time for that, I hope you understand me.. 

So far, I want to suggest you some nail blogs (most of these authors are my readers), which in my opinion should have more attention than they currently have. Just because they are great. Check them :)


Cosmetic Fix

Bellos Manicures

Have You Met Miss Jones?

Ma Petite Nail Art Blog

KimsKie's Nails


Like A Candy Shop

Miezziej's Beauty Polish Blog

So Nailed

The Lacquer Log

The World Is The Stage

Vique's Varnish

Wacky Laki

To avoid misunderstanding: these are the blogs that only have around 50 readers or less, that's why I'm posting them. I'm following and like to read a lot more!

Little tip for bloggers: ladies, you don't imagine how important it is to have GFC Followers Tool in your blog!!! When there is one, your readers can put your blog to their Google Readers just with one click, which makes it very convenient to follow and read your updates. I'd advise everyone to have it on the side. 

29. Mai 2011

Swap №6

Yes, again :) 
If you see Andreia and Yes Love polishes, you might easily guess that this swap pack came from Portugal. Namely, from a lovely nail blogger Akuma Kanji, with whom I had already a pleasure to swap before :) Check her blog, she's doing great manis and she's currently having a giveaway!
Thank you so much, dear Akuma Kanji!!! I enjoy everything you sent me and I'll be posting the swatches in the nearest future! Starting today :)

Left to right:
Andreia 63
H&M Peppermint Fusion
H&M Daisy
H&M Hunt Me Down
Yes Love 39
For me most of these are rather autumn colours, but well, what to do if I like such shades.. :)
The first polish I tried was Andreia 63 because it looked really interesting in the bottle. Moreover I wanted to have it for a long time.

This is a cool and kinda unique shade. Does it remind you anything? I would say that one could get this tone if s/he mixed Essie Merino Cool and Essie Demure Vixen.

And this is my failed attempt to show how I was wearing it :)

So far, I adore the polishes I have from Portugal. You know why? They have a very special texture, something like half-jelly, it makes them look volumetric (oh what a word! :) and highlights the beauty of the shades! You guys in Portugal are lucky because I'd say this is a feature that Essence polishes lack sometimes..

Do you have any experience with Andreia/Yes Love/Risque/Cliche or other "Southern" polishes? I'm sure some of you do - please share your opinion!

27. Mai 2011


Please meet my first American Apparel polish! It's name is Coney Island, it's baby pink and it made the whole way from US to me, sent in a swap with Carolina together with it's 2 AA sisters and others. 

American Apparel Coney Island

American Apparel Coney Island
Unlike many girls/bloggers I know, I don't mind wearing pink. Especially such a muted pastel shade, I love it. The texture however was weird!! It's thick, covering in 2 coats, but sometimes bumpy, you have to be careful when applying the polish. What is a really helpful tip - use topcoat with AAs, it makes the polish look ideally flat and it lasts long. 

Since I cut my nails, I can now do some stamping :) Which I couldn't miss!

Used products:
American Apparel Coney Island x 2 coats
Konad m64 plate
Stargazer Chrome - Silver

Do you like pinks/baby pinks? 

25. Mai 2011

Swap №5

Buongiorno! Guess what, I swapped again :) I'm becoming a lil obsessed with it, but it's such a fun! I just can't  resist.. 
The person I swapped with this time is lovely Carolina from Colores de Carol, I'm sure there's no need to introduce her as I guess most of you have seen her fantastic blog and you know that she's a real queen of cool manis and stamping! If you don't - check her page asap! :) 

What can I say.. this swap is the biggest one I've done so far. Carolina (thank you so much!) sent me soooo many amazing goodies, I was very surprised and happy while unpacking. So, wanna see the content? :)

Nail polish part:
- Zoya Mitzi
- Zoya Jo
- Zoya Pasha
- Zoya Happi
- Zoya Phoebe

- American Apparel L'Esprit
- American Apparel Malibu Green
- American Apparel Coney Island

- Piggy Polish Mystic
- Revlon Cotton Candy (scented!)
- Revlon Violet
- Rush Nail Lacquer

- Carlo di Roma 122
- Orly Out Of This World
- Wet'n'Wild Kaleidoscope
Cosmetic part:
- OPI huckleberry body and hand lotion 
- 5 (!) x Wet'n'wild lipsticks - enough for the whole life lol
- Physicians Formula Blush
- Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Stickers - never tried any of these, but I was always curious
- Ulta Mani Correction Pen - I also never had any, but always wanted to :)

And the traditional sweet part:
OMG Coconut M&M's!! Have you ever seen those? I haven't!

Seriously, I don't know how to express my gratitude and pleasure from the swap. Can't wait to try all these awesome things. Thanks a million, Carolina!!!

23. Mai 2011

Some Autumn Nails

OPI Malaga Wine was one of those polishes I wasn't really planning to buy, but suddenly hit a good price on ebay (3 or 5 euros with shipping!), and after trying it I still can't really decide if I'm happy having it or not. The colour is wonderful, wine red and glass glossy finish, but the rest... Application was pain in the ass, it was my first OPI and now after trying a few more I can state: I HATE THE BRUSH. Let all OPI fans forgive me, but hey, how can you control it?? I would never call my nails small or narrow, but this brush is huge for them! Grrr. Another thing - Malaga Wine chips easily. 

Okay, firstly just some swatches of the polish: 

And now something more interesting: Malaga Wine topped with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

Besides the burning flame, Hidden Treasure on red is associated with autumn leavesin my mind. Impossible not to like this combination. I got many questions and many compliments from my friends :)

What do you think about these polishes with "mica effect"? Do you own any?

22. Mai 2011

Boyfriend's Choice!

If you ever happen to be together at home with your bf/husband/friend and you are bored at some point, I have a good suggestion for you. Show them your nail polish stash and ask to choose 5 bottles. Believe me, it's gonna be fun :)
Look which ones were picked in my case: 

Left to right:
??? - read below
OPI Malaga Wine
Depend 221
My reaction -> SURPRISE, because:
1) Not all 5 out of 5 are red. Seriously, I don't know what's the issue about men and red colour, but mine is a frantic fan of red.
2) No fuchsia/magenta colour? He likes them so much. I thought.
3) Green?? "It's not green, it's turquoise" was the answer. "And you have a swimming suit in a similar shade". That's true. Alles klar. 
4) Blue? Dark blue???? "Do you imagine this colour on my nails??!" - I asked. "Not really, that's why I've chosen it". 
This polish is actually the most mysterious in my stash. I got it as an extra from Ange's blog sale, it's in a CND brand bottle and has no signs on it, except for "matte". And as it's not any matte, so I just assume it's some kinda franken.

Oh well. Men's logic. Go figure...

After these 5 was chosen, I immediately painted my nails with OPI Malaga Wine, and firstly I wanted to show you the swatches in this post, but as they were so many, i decided to post them separately tomorrow. 

Now, ladies: have you ever done anything similar with your sweethearties? What do they prefer? :)

P.S. This is a planned post, I'm being on a trip in Belgium, but be sure I'll post, read and answer your comments when I'm back! 

20. Mai 2011

Have you heard...

...an expression "German quality"? Surely you did :)
This time it's not about cars or industrial equipment, it's about nail polish of course: Catrice Dirty Berry could be a good example of perfect quality for a reasonble price. See yourself!

Now under the sun to show a subtle (!) holoeffect:

For a long time I was hesitant if I should get this polish (it's my first Catrice, shame on me), but swatches of Stickers, Annie and some other have convinced me totally. So, as you understand, I never regreted. Perfect application in 2 coats, fast drying, lasts long. Hooray to Catrice, I'm gonna get to know this brand better now! :)

P.S. This is a planned post, I'm being on a trip in Belgium, but be sure I'll post, read and answer your comments when I'm back! 

17. Mai 2011

Pretty Jules

Still getting to know Zoya polishes.. and the more I do - the more I like them: starting with the shape of the bottles and ending with drying time. All the rest is just self-evident: lovely shades, top quality and long-lasting finish. Today I'm showing you Zoya Jules, which I got from one of my swaps

First three swatches made under the sunlight to show Jules in all its beauty. I love beige shimmers, they are a good option when you are "tired" of colour but you still don't want to wear a nude polish. Overall, this shade seems very pretty to me and I guess it's worth having.

Below you can see some efforts to stick a decal. I must confess, my creativity level is just being extremely low during the last two weeks. Maybe I need some travelling to boost my inspiration? 

16. Mai 2011

A Hint Of Mint

Being tired of "conventional" colours like reds, pinks and lilacs, I decided to resort to green. Nothing hard rocking, just a pleasant pastel greenish Essence A Hint Of Mint

In my opinion this shade is nice for spring, as well as its sisters from Essence Blossoms etc. LE, which to my shame I didn't try out yet except for the yellow one. Later on, I tried to be a bit creative and to do a gradient, but unfortunately it didn't lead to anything decent :(

(Essence A Hint Of Mint - 2 coats
sponged with Wet'n'Wild Carribean Frost
and China Glaze Atlantis)
But well, we all fail from time to time. Next time will be better :)

14. Mai 2011

Strawberry Jelly

If MNY polishes had names instead of stupid numbers, this lovely thing would be definitely called Strawberry Jelly or somewhat similar. Otherwise it's simply MNY #265:

Some months ago I was hosting a giveaway, and I just accidentially bought this polish to be one of the prizes because it looked so nice in a bottle. From time to time I was thinking of bying it for myself but I was always postponing this. But after I saw the swatches of Maki and Akuma Kanji... it was the last drop. This wonderful bright pink jelly packed with small hologlitter particles really deserves a place in my stash. 
Maybe in yours as well? :) 

11. Mai 2011

Models Own. So do I!

I know, I know, it's almost summer, but I missed my good old dusty purples.. especially untried ones! Some time ago I just randomly scored a good deal on ebay for this polish - Models Own Purple Ash. It was the first time to try this brand (I looove new brands), and I should say it was a pleasant experience :) 

Again, after enjoying the colour for a day, I realized that I missed stamping : ) It was already hard with this nail length (should have taken Shirley's plates!), but still doable:

Do you also own what models own? :) Do you like these polishes?

P.S. Welcome to all of the new followers (and greetings to the old ones, of course), recently I had a big influx of you guys!