25. Mai 2011

Swap №5

Buongiorno! Guess what, I swapped again :) I'm becoming a lil obsessed with it, but it's such a fun! I just can't  resist.. 
The person I swapped with this time is lovely Carolina from Colores de Carol, I'm sure there's no need to introduce her as I guess most of you have seen her fantastic blog and you know that she's a real queen of cool manis and stamping! If you don't - check her page asap! :) 

What can I say.. this swap is the biggest one I've done so far. Carolina (thank you so much!) sent me soooo many amazing goodies, I was very surprised and happy while unpacking. So, wanna see the content? :)

Nail polish part:
- Zoya Mitzi
- Zoya Jo
- Zoya Pasha
- Zoya Happi
- Zoya Phoebe

- American Apparel L'Esprit
- American Apparel Malibu Green
- American Apparel Coney Island

- Piggy Polish Mystic
- Revlon Cotton Candy (scented!)
- Revlon Violet
- Rush Nail Lacquer

- Carlo di Roma 122
- Orly Out Of This World
- Wet'n'Wild Kaleidoscope
Cosmetic part:
- OPI huckleberry body and hand lotion 
- 5 (!) x Wet'n'wild lipsticks - enough for the whole life lol
- Physicians Formula Blush
- Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Stickers - never tried any of these, but I was always curious
- Ulta Mani Correction Pen - I also never had any, but always wanted to :)

And the traditional sweet part:
OMG Coconut M&M's!! Have you ever seen those? I haven't!

Seriously, I don't know how to express my gratitude and pleasure from the swap. Can't wait to try all these awesome things. Thanks a million, Carolina!!!

5 Kommentare:

  1. That's an amazing swap! So many pretty things :D

  2. You are very welcome, enjoy everything.
    Can't wait to see your swatches.

  3. Wow!!! Great swap!!!! Somehow I'm feeling very embarrassed now -__-

  4. What a huge swap! I see a few colors I might need to add to my wish list. :)

  5. @Miezziej: thanks! indeed there's plenty of cool stuff :) I love swapping!

    @Carolina: I'm already in the process of testing the polishes! So far I'm really satisfied!! :)

    @Akuma Kanji: nooooo!! You shouldn't be!! Swaps are all cool, no matter how many polishes are inside :) I always have the same feeling of joy when I unwrap the packs! :)

    @KarenD: they are all very nice shades :) I'm glad you share my taste :)