22. Mai 2011

Boyfriend's Choice!

If you ever happen to be together at home with your bf/husband/friend and you are bored at some point, I have a good suggestion for you. Show them your nail polish stash and ask to choose 5 bottles. Believe me, it's gonna be fun :)
Look which ones were picked in my case: 

Left to right:
??? - read below
OPI Malaga Wine
Depend 221
My reaction -> SURPRISE, because:
1) Not all 5 out of 5 are red. Seriously, I don't know what's the issue about men and red colour, but mine is a frantic fan of red.
2) No fuchsia/magenta colour? He likes them so much. I thought.
3) Green?? "It's not green, it's turquoise" was the answer. "And you have a swimming suit in a similar shade". That's true. Alles klar. 
4) Blue? Dark blue???? "Do you imagine this colour on my nails??!" - I asked. "Not really, that's why I've chosen it". 
This polish is actually the most mysterious in my stash. I got it as an extra from Ange's blog sale, it's in a CND brand bottle and has no signs on it, except for "matte". And as it's not any matte, so I just assume it's some kinda franken.

Oh well. Men's logic. Go figure...

After these 5 was chosen, I immediately painted my nails with OPI Malaga Wine, and firstly I wanted to show you the swatches in this post, but as they were so many, i decided to post them separately tomorrow. 

Now, ladies: have you ever done anything similar with your sweethearties? What do they prefer? :)

P.S. This is a planned post, I'm being on a trip in Belgium, but be sure I'll post, read and answer your comments when I'm back! 

9 Kommentare:

  1. Fabulous plan! ;)
    Sometimes I just tell my boyfriend: "Say a colour!!!!" and he replies whichever colour he wants and then, as I might have more than one bottle of the colour he chose I keep asking questions.... It's a random picking up by eliminatory factors after that XD

  2. I do something similar with my son. I pick out a few different colors and let him pick one for me to wear. Yesterday I had him pick 4 colors for me to buy at Ulta. Last night, he picked my base color for my mani/pedi. He usually goes for yellow or orange colors, but does sometimes pick out pink, purple, or red.

  3. Хах)) Наверное, многие удивятся, но я всегда выбираю лаки с мужем. Точнее я выбираю, отбираю свотчи, а он просматривает и выносит финальный вердикт. Видимо, поэтому, когда я спрашиваю, какой из всех ему больше всего нравится, и приношу ромашки, он всегда говорит, что тот, который на ногтях, лучше всех))))

  4. I had my boyfriend pick out a color for me and he was torn between a shimmery navy and a jelly neon blue.

  5. Haha I love this. Yes, I have asked the BF to pick out colors for me. Or sometimes, I'll narrow it down to like 3 or so, and ask him to make the final choice! He likes really odd colors though.

  6. Yeah, I do it all the time. Sometimes I get so lost about what to wear I think about taking a picture of few bottles and ask him to choose. :D I don't tho, he probably thinks I'm nuts enough already. He has a great taste too, he always picks an awesome colour. The only rule is dark colours - dark blue, dark green, dark red, black etc. Nothing bright or holographic. That's the only thing I can expect, other than that it's a wild guess. :)
    I used to ask my mom too, but she always goes for the one that is closes to or red so the fun was lost and I stopped. :)

  7. Yes, this is so fun! :)
    If I can't decide, I ask my BF which of the two polishes he likes more. If one of them is red, I don't even ask anymore. It's red and he would pick it. ;)

  8. Я на своем муже люблю эксперименты ставить. Беру 2-3 флакона, с которыми никак не могу определиться, каким из них красить, и прошу его выбрать. Не факт, что я всегда краше тем, что выбрал он, но просто как отражение предпочтений очень показательно. Заметила, что он никогда не выбирает "грязные" цвета, типа грибных, таупов и хаки. Красные и всевозможные его вариации в неизменном фаворе. Еще любит дуохромы и глиттеры,но просто потому, что ему интересно, как это выглядит на ногтях.

  9. @Akuma Kanji: ha! doesn't work in my case :( If I asked my bf to name a colour, he would know why I'm asking -> the answer would be "red".

    @TrailerHood Chick: aww how nice :) yellow, orange, pink, purple, or red?? He's really an expert in "lady's" colours, congratulations!! :) :)

    @pchelka217: ого, тогда вам можно только позавидовать :) мой мч только один раз подорвался смотреть свотчи (сам! :) - когда я пошутила, что если у меня будет Шанель Руж Фаталь, я буду красить им ногти каждый день :) а так отношение к моим лакам у него пофигистическое.

    @Madeline: hahaha!! :) this is just so unexpected and funny!

    @GothamPolish: same here, my bf also likes weird or unusual colours :)

    @Ulmiel: wow, dark colours? interesting :) My bf on the contrary prefers light pastels and red, of course. But lately I don't torture him much with nail polish, just like you say, my bf probably thinks I'm nuts too :)

    @Kvacka: haha, mine would do exactly the same!!! :)

    @Miss Jones: надо мне тоже так попробовать, по несколько штучек показывать :) всякие пыльные мой мч тоже не любит, на хаки вообще плюется. А необычные оттенки у него в почете, это да.. огромные блестки, голографики - тоже говорит, что интересно, как они на ногтях будут.