30. Juni 2011

Hey! DON'T Get In Lime!

Yea. Better for your moral integrity not to. Obviously I'm speaking about OPI Hey! Get In Lime! now. Please don't misunderstand me: the shade is super lovely and it's very long lasting (I'm wearing it for the 5th day now, I have not time to repaint my nails, studies, when will you end?) BUT the effort you have to make to actually lay it on your nails...ufff... Let's see:

Guess how many coats did I need? You won't. If you say 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 - that's gonna be wrong. From 3 to 5 is the right answer, on different fingers different number. Something like this is happening to me for the first time in my polish history.

Ah yes, the photos are with top coat: if not SV you would now be looking at bumpy weird things. Okay, let me be objective, there are 2 good things about this polish: 1) it dries fast, 2) thin brush (?!?! do I have a fake or what? OPI experts, could you explain me that? Some OPIs have this wide dinosaurbrush, and some a normal one?).

Such a mthfkr is this Get In Lime. But beautiful shade. But if I could choose now I'd buy some close dupe. Because of this damn formula I don't think I'll be using it soon again...

Some random stamping:

Ladies, is it only me having problems with this one or it is like this by itself?

27. Juni 2011

Pinky Tips

I'm still trying out the polishes from my last swap pack sent by Miss Jones and I must say I keep getting positive impressions! After Fashion Addict the polish I picked was Viva La Diva West Palm Beach, a lovely pale baby pink creme. Have you heard of Viva La Diva brand? Well I haven't, that's why I wanted to try it : )

What surprised me, was the dense formula. Usually for such shades we are morally prepared for a runny mess, but this was not the case. 2 coats, TC is recommended for evening out and extragloss.

Actually this might be a sister of American Apparel Coney Island...gotta compare them!

And then my sight fell on french tips stripes lying in my manicure box since high school or so. "No good" - was my thought, gotta use them! Here's the result: 

Tips are painted with OPI Dim Sum Plum and then I added clear rhinestones. Looks girlish/childish and stuff, but afterall I'm not that old to wear such manis : ) There are no limits for students! Yep.

24. Juni 2011

Stars On My Shimmer

Summer has finaly started to influence my mind when I'm picking a polish to paint my nails. Recently I'm leaning towards bright summer shades, although it was difficult to abstain from dusty purples and taupes which I adore so much. Anyway, now I'm into brights and one of them is Depend 228 which I got in my first swap with Annie. Why haven't I tried it before?? It's such a beautiful blue shade packed with silver shimmer.. I guess this polish was just waiting for its time and now it has come:

Depend 228 nail polish swatch Nagellack

Depend 228 nail polish swatch Nagellack

Then I did some magic to the accent finger: sponged OPI Shimmer&Simmer, striped with a liner and put some stars. As simple as that. Looks much better in reality, plus I should have made the line thinner. 

Depend 228 nail polish swatch Nagellack

Depend 228 nail polish swatch Nagellack

Depend 228 nail polish swatch Nagellack

And my favourite picture of the bunch:

Depend 228 nail polish swatch Nagellack

21. Juni 2011

Swap №7

The week started great - with a pack in my postbox : ) I generally adore getting any kind of post, but when I see a thick heavy envelope with obviously polishes inside my heart just melts!! This time it was a swap pack which made its long way from Sweden, from a lovely lady Miss Jones, whose nails are a piece of art. You know this kind of nails and swatches where everything is just per-fect? Well, she's a great example of that - check her blog and see : ) 
And now to the Northern goodies! 

Left to right:
Depend 243
IsaDora Blue Sky
Color Club Fashion Addict
Viva La Diva West Palm Beach 
Depend 249
What do we usually do when we get nail mail? Right, we're rushing to try the new stuff!! 
The first one I took in my hands was Color Club Fashion Addict, because, attention, it's my first holo ever! No wonder I was hell curious how it will work on my nails.. Let's see: 

Application was perfect: 2 coats, dries fast, I didn't even need the top coat. And as I wasn't using Color Club for a while, I totally forgot how awesome are their brushes! 

And now to the shade. I have already mentioned that I'm indifferent to holos BUT this one is very special! I haven't noticed this holo linear effect (how did Scrangie capture it, I wonder..), but at the same time the polish is stuffed with holo particles, which make it look as if it's illuminated from within. Absolutely beautiful!!!

Btw in poor indoor light it becomes almost nude on my hands : ) Such a conversion, ha.  

Sorry for the photospam, but I just couldn't stop.. This polish was love from the first brush stroke!

THANK YOU so much, Tanya, I really love this beauty and I'm sure I will like the others, I'm in the process of testing them too :) 

18. Juni 2011


...is one of the places on my "To Visit" list. Switzerland is so close but I've never been there, such a shame.. I just didn't have a good reason to go I guess. So far I only have a cup with a Swiss flag and a Swiss-themed nail polish - OPI From A To Z-urich. Bought partly because of its name, partly because of the gorgeous colour and partly because it was on sale, it became a decent member of my stash.

Dark berry/wine red colour, glossy and opaque in 2 coats, quite longlasting - this polish has a lot of positive sides. OPI brushes is something that I will never be able to like, but this is another story. 

Again, an attempt to show how I was wearing it with one of my fav T-shirts, not so successful. I'll improve, I promise : ) The last photo is taken indoors with electric light, just not to be misleading, all the rest are taken under natural day light. 

15. Juni 2011

Alessandros (I)

In my stash there are 3 little cuties waiting for the magic moment to be taken to the seaside with me. No idea if I manage to go to any kind of beach this summer, but if I do I'll definitely include them in my luggage :) 

After seeing so many ladies wearing baby blue (manis of Miss Jones, Mrsrexy, Nailbamboo and Hermetic were my inspiration :) I had a strong wish to do the same. Actually I only have only one shade of this kind in my collection and I'll be showing it today - Alessandro Pale Blue Lagoon:

Generally I loved the quality of the polish (these are my first Alessandros), although I needed 3 coats it dried extrafast and I was wearing it for 4 days with no chipping BUT I do think these babies are fuckin overpriced!! Come on, 5 euros for 5ml polish bottle?? Is it with golden particles or what? Of course I'd never pay that price. The three I have I bought on sale per 1 euro each : )

And with some Chinese (is it?) upgrading: 

13. Juni 2011

Yes Love! Yes Glitter!

What an enjoyable name for a nail brand - Yes Love.. : ) Inspiring and positive, no? 
The same I could say so far about my experience with their polishes. Always positive. Another proof of that: Yes Love 39. It arrived together with its compatriots in a swap pack from Akuma Kanji

Modest look and a nice subtle colour. Somewhere in between pink and lilac. "Like". Application was tricky though, I needed 3 coats. The formula was a bit runny, the brush is quite good.

After wearing the polish plain for a day I remembered about one weirdo I have in my stash. The creature named BK Deluxe 55 was born (I believe) somewhere on the spacious lands of China. I'm not sure. Judging by its smell, it contains all chemical elements ever known to the human kind.

Nails covered with this polish look like covered with trash particles or pieces of some glittery remnants of wrapping paper =) But exactly because of this "trashy" look I liked this mani, it made me smile :) 

Ladies! Tell me about the weirdos of your collections :)

10. Juni 2011

Dotted Peacock

My camera has no idea about the existence of teal colour. Seriously. Poor American Apparel Peacock was so perverted in its reflection that I was shocked when I saw the swatches on my laptop. Good old Canon made it a deep royal blue (and my hands almost crimson). I had to spend some time photoshopping it back to reality. Butthead, teal is such a beautiful colour!

I know, I know, it's in no way a summer shade, but during the last days we have a gloomy cool weather with no sun, so it kinda feels like autumn here => great chance to open some darker untried shades.

Sorry guys, the swatches are a bit distorted in terms of colour balance but I was struggling to reach as realistic polish shade as possible. The application however was great, again a one-coater polish. I'm totally in love with AA brushes, they are thin and easily controllable.

Some weeks ago I received my dotters purchased on ebay (in order to get them I had to go to our city's airport to the customs service, but this is another funny story) so I couldn't but play around with them : ) Poor Peacock got dotted with CG For Audrey: 

7. Juni 2011

Malibu Green

Are you tired of American Apparels that I'm lately showing? No worries, just a couple more to go.. :) The thing is that I like this brand more and more! Time to choose something bright now - so I picked American Apparel Malibu Green. Actually according to Wiki this colour is called Robin Egg Blue. Yeah, whatever. I could also call it Gorgeous:

I got this polish from a swap with a lovely Carolina (I hope you are doing fine now, dear!!). Application was smooth, this is a one-coater (ooo AA, I love you for that!!) BUT beware people, this polish stains.
Aaand some stamping:

That's it :)