24. Februar 2013

Nevskiye Berega 2013 ~ Saint Petersburg Beauty Expo

Greetings from the ice-cold part of the world! :)

Guess what! For the first time in my life I visited a beauty expo! :) I was so excited, and I still am. Thank heaven I happened to be in Russia when this expo - Nevskiye Berega (Banks of the Neva River) - was taking place, otherwise I would have to wait forever, because in Germany such events are quite rare and elitist. 

So, it was my first time at a beauty fair, and I have acquired a lot of mostly positive impressions and experience. Firstly, I saw [and touched, and tested, yay!] a lot of nail polish brands from all over the world in one day; secondly, I managed to talk to people as crazy about nail polish as I am (even professionally, while I'm just an amateur); and thirdly, I hauled a nice bag of polishes and somewhat shortened my wish list :D

The only thing I'm worried about: bad photos to share with you. It turned out so damn easy to swatch polishes at home comparing to photographing at the exhibition... ugh. I definitely need more practice in that field.. and a new camera :D

Alright, I have what I have, so I'll share with you what I saw. Starting from the world known nail polish brands:

OPI: 450 RUR (normal price) ≈ 11,3 EUR; DS Series for 650 RUR ≈ 16,3 EUR yea well still not 16 EUR (20 EUR for DS) like in Germany

China Glaze: was sold on many stands. Starting from 300 RUR (≈ 7,5 EUR)...

...and special prices of 295 RUR for 2 bottles (≈ 7,4 EUR)...

...to VERY SPECIAL PRICES of 90 RUR per bottle!! Party Hearty, Frosty, Skyscraper and other must haves for 2 EUR! Take that!!! :D :D

Orly: 270 RUR ≈ 6,8 EUR

Color Club: 150 RUR ≈ 3,8 EUR that's all they had from Colour Club, unfortunately.

CND: polishes 343 RUR ≈ 8,6 EUR; effects 420 RUR ≈ 10,5 EUR ouch, angry prices.

INM: 180 RUR ≈ 4,5 EUR yes, apart from their magic top coat they also have nail polish assortment

Cuccio: 250 RUR ≈ 6,3 EUR I know this brand from transdesign and I'm dreaming to try their whitening paste, but I didn't know they had polishes

Dare To Wear: 200 to 250 RUR ≈ 5 to 6,3 EUR breathtaking glitters..!

LCN: 198 to 277 RUR ≈ 5 to 7 EUR

Vipera Cosmetics: 190 to 220 RUR ≈ 4,8 to 5,5 EUR Vipera is a Polish brand, from Poland I mean :)

Okay, that was about internationally known stuff. Now let's see some local Russian brands, shall we?

Dance Legend: 180 RUR (≈ 4,5 EUR), and 300 RUR (≈ 7,5 EUR) for thermo polishes. DL had a huge stand full of everything: new collections, glitters, magnetics...

...their new Flossy Top and Aztec collections, black & white polka dot glitters.

Here's the close-up of Flossy Tops.

El Corazon: 150 RUR ≈ 3,8 EUR I just loved their vintage stand.. I would die to have such a shelf at home to store my collection :)

El Corazon brought a lot of new interesting collections, including dotted "Easter Eggs"...

...mirror chromes...


...and thermo colour changing polishes!

Sophin: 250 RUR ≈ 6,3 EUR

Nano Professional: 170 RUR ≈ 4,3 EUR


ruNail: 60 RUR ≈ 1,5 EUR nice name for the polish brand :) 

Some random brands I had no idea about:

And of course, tools and accessories for nail art of all kinds... brushes...

...stickers and decals...

... and glitters, beads, foils... endless.

Also, there was a lot of stuff devoted to beauty, hair, medicine etc. Starting from soaps..

... and finishing with furs :)

Brands that were not present at the expo: Alessandro (whatever), Essence and Catrice (although they ARE sold in Russia), Essie (no big deal, they are also sold on every corner anyway), Jessica (pity), Mavala (don't have any on my wish list), Zoya (very pity).

Now, the next part of the story: what I brought home :) First of all, I took limited amount of cash with me and promised myself not to use my bank card. Second, I don't really regret not buying anything - I got more or less all I wanted. Except that pretty NP holo polish : ( I simply forgot.. So ok, THE HAUL:

China Glaze Preppy Pink (the one for 2 EUR!), Dare To Wear Ready For My Close-Up and YSL stickers (gift).

I'm so happy to finally put my hands onto testing El Corazon nail polish!! I got Kaleidoscope t-02 (thermo!), El Corazon Confetti #529a, El Corazon Active Bio-gel "Easter Eggs" #423/100, El Corazon Active Bio-gel Magic Tenderness #423/558, and El Corazon Active Bio-gel "Easter Eggs" #423/98.*

And finally I got the Flossy Tops I wanted so much: Dance Legend #151, #146 and #144.

...treatments: lint free sponges, 180/180 nail file, clean-up brush and a nail wheel.

Aaand free testers! :) I wanted to try Moroccanoil anyways.

Uff... done. Deep bow to everyone who made it till the end! I would like to know your experience with beauty expos.. have you been to any? :)

*El Corazon nail polishes were kindly provided by El Corazon company for my unbiased consideration. 


  1. Очень интересно было читать и рассматривать фото) Люблю такие обзоры. У вас просто железная сила воли ограничить себя наличной суммой))

    1. Спасибо, это мой саммый длинный пост за всё время пожалуй) Да, и у меня еще рублей 300 осталось, т.е. я могла еще пару лаков прихватить, но не стала. Сама себе удивляюсь)))

  2. Antworten
    1. Absolutely! Quite expensive heaven though! :) Whatever, just watching was more than enough :)

  3. Ну ты даешь, как тебя в те края забросило? ) И так удачно!

    Мне почему -то казалось, что проф в России намного дешевле, а судя по этой выставке как-то и не очень намного. Причем, насколько я понимаю, на выставках обычно цены ниже, чем в обычной рознице.

    1. Очень удачно, по работе)) Я знала, что проф в России дешевле чем у нас, и знала, что не намного. Зато в России есть все, остается только вопрос цены. На выставках цены ниже были только у рос. фирм, все остальное продается в магазинах почти за те же деньги. Ну и посмотреть, потрогать - это бесценно)))

  4. OMG! Paradise, absolutely! But prices was not low... :-)))

    1. Paradise for sure :) No, the prices were not low, but almost everything was available. At least for looking and touching :) In Germany we don't have even a half of those brands offline.. :(

  5. OMG, how i wish being ina expo like that! And those Dance Legend??!! I need to find a way to buy some very fast!!

    1. I wanted to visit such an event for a long time too! :) Dance Legend are promising to start international shipping soon, hooray! :)

  6. What a fantastic post!!
    It was funny to see Attitude, which is a UK brand as far as I know. It's a great brand too.
    I'm totally envious and I would have bought all the polish!! :D

    1. Thank you! Yes, have I had some spare money, I would buy a lot more too! :) Funny but I've never heard of Attitude, neither I've seen any swatches.. thanks for telling! :)

  7. Nail polish Heaven!! And shame on you for not grabbing the Dance Legend holos!!!

    1. It was nail polish heaven indeed! Dance Legend stand was not so easy to approach.. I wanted to grab some liquid sand polishes but they were sold out on the first day! :( As for holos, I'm not a big fan of linear ones but I may get some of those later still :)

  8. This is a nail polish heaven!:-0
    I've never been to such an event, but I would love love love to go!

    1. Heaven is a very exact description of what was going on there! It was my first expo, so I totally share your feelings :)

  9. Was eine traumhafte Auswahl *_* Mich wundert es, dass Golden Rose nicht dabei war. Ist die Marke nicht auch sehr beliebt?

    1. Oh ja, die Auswahl war traumhaft! :) Golden Rose war nicht dabei, obwohl diese Marke ist hier überall verkauft, Jolly Jewels auch :) Vielleicht weil Golden Rose eine billige Marke ist, nicht so Salon-Professional.. keine Ahnung. Wie gesagt, Essence und Catrice waren auch nicht da, man konnte doch viele andere Brands anschauen/anfassen, das war mir schon genug! :) P.S. Vielen Dank für den "nimm Wasser mit" Rat, das war seeeehr hilfreich :)

  10. Я ни на каких выставках не была, но очень хотела бы и просто уверена, что из-за того, что столько много всего и глаза разбегаются, вообще ничего не купила бы себе))
    А у тебя замечательный улов, жду потрясных свотчей!

    1. Это тоже была моя первая выставка, и у меня разбредались в кучу и глаза, и мысли :) и это я еще подготовилась, взяла воду, схему залов с помещенными стендами, вишлист и камеру. Но вроде купила все что хотела, песочки ДЛ не застала только :( и ноги стерла в хлам, но это уже мелочи :)

  11. О ужас, я иду туда в понедельник, думала обойдусь парой лаков, а теперь вижу что нет=(((

    1. Я надеюсь, вы хорошо сходили и набрали всяких красивостей и Дэнсов в том числе! :)

  12. Wow! It looks like you were in nail polish heaven! :-)

  13. Just one thing to say WOW. Those Dance Legend glitters look so awesome I can't wait for the swatches. As for Beauty Expos I'm going to my first one next week so we'll see how that goes. And your pictures are good, but I do agree that it's much harder to photograph outside than to do swatches at home.

  14. Охх, как Интершарма весеннего захотелоось)) отличный улов, а со мной Коразоны что-то не хотят сотрудничать, на запрос так и не ответили))

  15. Будто сама там побывала!) Я еще ни на одну косметическую выставку не ходила, но планирую весной заглянуть на интершарм в Москве. Жалко, что Зойки уже не первую выставку пропускают. Топы Дансов такие заманчивые, буду ждать свотчи))

  16. It certainly looks like paradise!
    I am still in shock from the prices though. Somehow I would expect them to be lower, especially at an expo... OPI, China Glaze is more than out regular store prices here...
    Looking forward to swatches of your purchases :)

  17. Класс! Отличный репортаж! Я только с московской выставки все видела. И, 100% во всяком случае интерес удовлетворяют на фотографии у тебя хорошиее
    Улов преотличный!!!! Жду свотчей и впечатлений )) Ожидала, что ты не пройдешь мимо Эль Коразона птичьего ))

  18. Thanks for the report and pictures :) I went there on Saturday, and I couldn't find those Corazon Eggs :( It's even more sad, coz I wanted to buy them for a friend, and they told me at the Corazon stand that the eggs were all sold except the one of bright pink shade.. The same was with Dance Legend liquid sands :( Me sad..
    I still cannot believe it, but I didnt buy any nail polishes there! It's a pity Zoya wasn't there, I'd buy it for sure. Good thing is that I bought nail art decorations like glitters, beads, flock etc, so I'm going to experiment with them :D
    ps: looking forward to see Dance Legend glitter/flossy tops on your nails - I know it must be gorgeous!

  19. OMZ!!!!!!!!!!!!! O________O I'm so envious right now! Beauty Expos here always take place in the north of the country and it's in a city I have big issues to go (football related issues XD). I'm so glad you made it to go to one! :) Look at all the sweetness! That's my dream! I have seriously to put my issues on the side and go to one :P But I'm sure it is not as amazing as that one :D And you got those crazy Dance Legend! I'm really anxious to see those :D Great great achievement I say! ***

  20. Алина, привет! Никогда на таких выставках не была, но с удовольствием бы посетила. Многообразие марок, столько ярких красок!
    Я бы точно без покупки не ушла, но зависала бы у стендов подолгу)
    С покупками!)

  21. OMG!
    I would have to save 1 year to go there...
    So cheap... so omg so mani nail polishes!