9. Dezember 2013

White Noise

Remember the White Noise movie? Boo! :) Although the post is about a nail polish which should be called this way. Officially it's called El Corazón Confetti #529a, but if it could have a name, it would be "white noise" - no other options :)

El Corazón Confetti #529a consists of black and white small glitter in a transparent base. The glitter concentration is very high, so I had an opaque coverage after 2 coats only. The first coat dries fast, the second one.. needs some time. 

The surface is gritty (as you could guess :), and not glossy. Which is cool in my opinion because it looks like stone, but if you want a glossy finish you better use a top coat.

Now that's what I call a unique polish! Nowhere have I seen anything similar yet.. have you?

*The nail polish was kindly provided by El Corazón company for my consideration. In this post I expressed my honest and unbiased opinion about the product.


  1. LOL White Noise would really be the perfect name for it :)
    I agree, it is very unique, that's so nice when it happens :)

  2. I have a polish from Dance Legend which is actually called White noise, is very similar though the base is more white. I love the look on this one...totally looks like granite or some other kind of stone. How long does it last before chipping? The Dance Legend one sucks in that aspect.

  3. wow, i'm in love *.*
    this is really such an original looking polish, it's not like there's no white and black glitters outhere, but this one is really something special <3

  4. It really looks like a stone and I love it! :-)

  5. this is beautiful - totally reminds me of granite!

  6. Wow! This is beautiful!!!! I don't know this brand.