2. März 2014

Fashionista On The Beach

Happy spring everyone!! 
I don't know about you, but I'm desperately awaiting the warm sunny days, I'm so sick of all this gloominess and absence of light... Maybe I just need to move to a small Southern country? :) Anyways, I decided to start this spring with a bright mani - below you see the swatches of El Corazón Fashionista On The Beach

эль коразон модница на пляже

Fashionista On The Beach is a bright baby blue jelly full of white hexagonal glitter of various sizes. The application is fine, except you will need 3 coats to even out the bold spots, but it's a jelly after all! And the drying time is a bit suspicious, but I applied a top coat - it's quite useful for adding gloss and creating additional "water" effect anyway.

эль коразон модница

коразон модница лак

I'm actually very happy for Fashionista, who is on the beach right now, because I would give a lot to be on a beach too : { However, in my opinion this polish is good for any time of the year: me personally was wearing it 2 times by now: in summer and in winter. Either way, a bright refreshing colour.

El Corazón Fashionista

El Corazón Fashionista on the beach

Actually, this polish reminds me of a pond rather than of a beach, because part of the glitter is "drawn" and the other half is on the surface - I love this effect! By the way, I have 2 other polishes from the same collection: lilac and pink

El Corazón polishes

коразон модница

What do you plan to wear this spring? Pastels? 
*The nail polish was kindly provided by El Corazón company for my consideration. In this post I expressed my honest and unbiased opinion about the product.


  1. Ой ой ой, как у тебя здорово получилось показать его! никогда не обращала внимания на эту серию, а этот прям цепанул благодаря тебе) Класс!

  2. I liked the purple better :) but I know what you mean about the effect of the layers of glitter in jelly - I love that too! :)

  3. oh, I can understand you so well- simply cannot wait for warm days to come... Want feel spring right now!

    althouht this polish is really winter-y, looks nice :)

  4. Snow on the blue sky - super pretty and lovely swatches!

  5. It is really pretty :)
    I'm so looking forward to spring, but pastels is not really within my comfort zone :)

  6. Какой потрясающий цвет! Настоящая весна-весна )