6. Juli 2013

Mont Bleu Products: Nail Files & More!

How about showing you an awesome surprise pack from the Czech company Mont Bleu? :) The one that I got in... January. Ahem.

On the other hand, I am assured that it's never late to talk about good products. Especially if you use them on a daily basis, like I use Mont Bleu nail files, for example. Last year I was reviewing them in my blog, and my highly positive opinion hasn't changed since then. 

So, around Christmas days I received a package from Mont Bleu, which was a total surprise! I wasn't expecting anything! And lookie lookie what I got:

Mont Bleu nail file

- round-ended glass nail file decorated with Swarovski crystals: somehow the Mont Bleu employees who were choosing the files to send me got the idea of my addiction to blue colour :) 

- sharp-pointed glass nail file with the Zodiac pattern and a crystal: I find it a cool idea to have a nail file with your star sign :)

- lilac tweezers with Swarovski crystals: looking very elegant and they do have a tight grip - they became my #1 tweezers;

- white pen with a crystal: a stylish exterior, quite thin and light. Ladies' thing :)

- chameleon earrings: these shine like diamonds on the sun!

Mont Bleu glass nail file

Above and below are the close-ups of the embellishment. Ruining your possible suspicion: the crystals won't fall off. It's been more than a year that I got my first Mont Bleu nail files - the "gems" are stuck like glue, no worries!

Mont Bleu products

Oh, and in case I didn't mention it before: I'm a proud Sagittarian! :) Saggies of the world, unite! :)

Mont Blue zodiac nail file

And the earrings close-up: the colour transition always makes me stare at them before I put them on! :) 

Mont Bleu earrings

Personally as a nail polish addict I do recommend Mont Bleu glass files: they are gentle on nails, they last forever and the decoration is just fabulous! 

Generally, Mont Bleu is famous for offering various beauty-related products (compact mirrors, brushes, jewellery and nail files, of course) decorated by Swarovski crystals, or patterns. Check their web-site in order to see the whole variety! In my opinion, Mont Bleu products can be also great gifts for friends and relatives. Good news is that Mont Bleu offers worldwide shipping for reasonable prices.  

One last thing: enter the cupon code 'BLOG' and get 20% off!  

*The products mentioned in this post were kindly sent by Mont Bleu company as a Christmas gift without any conditions stated.


  1. Теперь я поняла, почему я тебя так люблю, ты Стрелец ))
    А я Водолей, мы идеальная пара по всем гороскопам :)))))))))

    Серьги клевые!

    1. Спасибо)))) О да, в этом что-то есть, у меня много близких подруг Водолеи) Кстати, я заметила, что среди блоггеров отношения складываются почти как в реальном мире, с кем-то легче, с кем-то вообще через тернии.

  2. I love Mont Bleu, I have their mini nail files and they are perfect for me! :-)

  3. у меня теперь тоже есть такие пилочки) обожаю их!