30. November 2013


Introducing you a nice Russian word "fenechka", which stands for a handmade bracelet which you give to a close person as a symbol of friendship. "Friendship bracelet" it's called, isn't it? In any case, both of those words sound better that "Freundschaftsband" lol Now why I am saying all that is because El Corazón has a collection called "Fenechka" and today I'll show one of the polishes from this collection - El Corazón #423/130.

El Corazón Fenechka #423/130

El Corazón #423/130 is a periwinkle crelly base with black and white hexagonal glitter swimming in it. The idea is nice, so is the implementation: the polish is pleasant to deal with, 2 easy coats and you have bright periwinkle nails :) I'd recommend to use the top coat for smoothness and gloss.

El Corazón Fenechka 423/130

El Corazón фенечка

коразон фенечка

Generally I like the combination of black and white glitter + colourful base in polishes, so I got pretty excited about the Fenechka collection - you can see the other colours here, for example. I'm thinking of getting a couple of other shades from this collection actually :)

el corazon fenechka swatch

El Corazón 423/130

Once again I am reminding you that ordering El Corazón polishes is very easy: just write an email listing your order and you'll get a response containing prices and shipping details. El Corazón ships worldwide.
*The nail polish was kindly provided by El Corazón company for my consideration. In this post I expressed my honest and unbiased opinion about the product.


  1. This truly is a gorgeous polish - a beautiful blue, and not too much glitter :)

  2. Lovely it has all the three things I love in a polish, blue and black and white glitter :D

  3. Как я в последнее время обожаю синие и этот не исключение! такой яркий и жизнерадостный)

  4. That's a really cool and yet calm colour to look at. I like it! :)

  5. I love this shade of blue and even if I am not really crazy about glitters, I love these small glitters in it! :-)

  6. This shade is very pretty. I checked the post with other shades, too, but this one is my favourite. :)

  7. gorgeous polish, love the color and tiny glitter in it :D

  8. Really pretty (and I love the "fenechka" idea, it's a pity the polish itself doesn't have a name)!

  9. I have a few of these and I love them! I did write an email to El Corazon btw for an order but they seem not to be responding to english e-mails. Just fyi.