24. Oktober 2011

Bongiorno, ladies!! Be prepared for a long post loaded with pictures, it's my way to make up for irregular blogging :)

Recently I thought that it's unfair that I haven't shown you one of my top polishes - Zoya Andi, although I used it 3 (!) times already and even did one tape mani with it. So, why do I like it so much? Because it's a great red shade (although it's 1 tone brighter than my "ideal red" is), very workable formula and.. 1 coater. Red-y To Go should be it's name or smth like that : ) 

Yes yes, one coat! :) Warning: in 2 coats it looks darker. And chips less, of course.


And because (as you might know already) I adore black+red combination, I stamped it with black roses pattern:

What do you think? Too banal or rather ok? =)


  1. I love the red and black combo! Your photos are just perfect :)

  2. Офигенный! Красный на тебе это что-то, страсть и секс сразу же, очень красиво. С черными розами мне тоже нравится очень-очень, мне кажется наоборот небанально. Кстати, а что в руках держишь?

  3. Wow Alina, looks so neat!
    I love it!

  4. Love the color itself, with with black stamping.. Perfection! <3

  5. Офигенно. У меня просто других слов нет.

  6. Beautiful, both the base color and with stamping <3

  7. This red is gorgeous and stamping makes it even better ;)

  8. I really like it. It's so elegant. I love the stamping pattern with roses, I use it often. :)

  9. @Anutka: thank you, very pleasant to read :) I also like black and red, it's like a fatal passion :)

    @Antallex: спасибо :) Люблю красным на свидания красить, или на вечерние выходы, когда впечатление надо произвести.. В руках черный цветок-бусы, прилагался к одной из кофточек :)

    @Carolina: thank you! In what concerns neatness, your manis are something to learn from :)

    @nihrida: thanks a lot :)

    @Miss Jones: ой, спасибо, очень приятно :)

    @Ina, MissDoll: thank you, ladies! :)

    @Cristina - PeeBeforePolish: thank you! It's one of my favourite patterns: looks nice + easy to work with!