13. Oktober 2011


Time to draw the winner, shall we? :) 134 entries... Let's draw the winning one:

Random.org says it's number 62. Okay, let's check the name..

I've blurred your e-mail addresses out of privacy reasons, but it's still visible that the winner is....

Sarah @ Chalkboard Nails

Congratulations, Sarah!!! I'm also very glad because thanks to this giveaway I discovered Sarah's creative nail blog, I recommend you all to check it!

Thanks to everyone who entered, and I hope to offer you some more giveaways soon!

And now some food for thought for piCture pOlish girls :) 
I did a little market analysis and sorted all the shades that the entrants indicated by their popularity. Number in brackets = number of times the polish was chosen. See the results below!

Denim is an absolute winner.. I don't have it but I'd love to! Someday, someday.. :)