12. Oktober 2011

Disko Ball Nails

Last weekend I had a kinda important event that I had to attend - the official part of my graduation ceremony, previously we just had a huge party, and now we received our degrees. So I had to invent some festive nail look to match the occasion but at the same time to avoid exaggerations. I think I suceeded pretty well: 

Now let's have a closer look: it's not a nail foil or a silver holographic as it might seem in the beginning. It's a little sandwich from Essie Fill The Gap, Zoya Trixie and Essence Hello Holo that makes my nails look silvery and blingy.

We had gloomy weather all these days, so I cannot show you how beautiful it all looks under the sun, but I still tried to catch the holosparkles:

And a little bonus pic. I don't have kitties or cats to use as a cute background, but I have something else ;) ;) 
[Sorry for the quality, it was cropped from a bigger photo..]


  1. It's hard toning your nails down for events like these, but I love what you did :)

  2. Congratulations Alina!
    I love your manicure, you did an excellent job.

  3. It looks really pretty! I love the last pic. :)

  4. Beautiful nails, and ofcourse congratulations! :)

  5. Congratulations! :)
    I really love, love and love your mani. It's sparkly but elegant at the same time. ;)

  6. Congratulations, dear, great, great achievement! And your mani and nails ... you know I love them!

  7. Congrats on your degree! Your hands are so beautiful, I like the sandwich, blingy but not extreme!