31. August 2013

Wedding Crasher

*planned post; me partying at a wedding on Crete*
Honestly, I don't see how a nail polish could potentially crash a wedding, especially such a decent shade... Apparently the creators of Sally Hansen Wedding Crasher had some ideas in mind, while naming the polish this way :) Besides, I keep remembering the movie about the two guys, the Wedding Crashers or so... a funny one-time-see film :)

Sally Hansen Wedding Crasher

Wedding Crasher is a pink jelly packed with pink glitter, that turned out to be more dense than I expected when looking at the bottle. The coverage is reached in 2 thick(er) coats only. The surface is not gritty, so it only makes sense to cover it with a top coat if you need a bit of gloss and shine.

Sally Hansen Wedding Crasher

Sally Hansen Wedding Crasher

Actually, Wedding Crasher was a present form my aunt, and honestly speaking, I was not inspired by this shade until I painted my nails with it :) 

Sally Hansen nail polish

Sally Hansen nagellack

If you like this kind of colours, give it a try! I look forward to comparing it with Zoya Astra, I have a feeling that these two have a lot in common. 

Sally Hansen diamond

Anyways, I hope that the big fat Greek wedding I'm partying at right now will never ever be crashed!! :) And I hope you are having fun this summer too :) 


  1. Antworten
    1. It could contain some merrier colours of glitter, as for a "wedding crasher" :)

  2. gorgeous glitter, I was once a wedding crasher when I was young that was so much fun, but we quickly went away only probably the bride was surprised when she watched the wedding video XD (I am slightly ashamed now in my defense we were young and stupid XD)

    1. Some days ago I was attending the wedding of 400+ people, and I was wondering if all of them were really-really invited :D

  3. This is a gorgeous glitter! Looks amazing on your nails!